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Promoting Self-Care

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The purpose of this page is to share resources to promote self-care for yourselves and your staff. 


Here some links/resources to explore:


  • Reflection Questions/Slides from August 15, 2015 Meeting
  • Balancing Projects & Multiple Priorities resource version from SC Blended Training which includes multiple short courses including:
    • Taking Care of YOU! - Reviews simple things such as "climate control" and optimizing your "preferred working environment"
    • Setting Boundaries & Expectations -Reviews ways SCs can set boundaries and expectations to effectively manage all the tasks they complete
  • EITP SC Resource Page "Taking Care of You" section includes many tips and resources  including:
    • The "Quiet Zone" - Need some quiet time to accomplish time sensitive tasks or recharge after a challenging meeting? Post this on your door or the back of your chair at your cubical to communicate what you need right now.
    • "Temporary Time Out" - Need some quiet time and want to let others in the office know when you might be available again then post near your workspace and add a time for when you expect to be available again.
  • Self-Care Self Assessment - Shared by CFC 6 during the meeting on 8/15/19 and has been adapted to include instructions and reflection questions.


What strategies or tools do you use to promote self-care for you and/or your staff?


Share your resources and suggestions by posting a comment in the comment box below.


If you need assistance posting to this workspace email Sarah Nichols at snichols@illinoiseitraining.org

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Sarah Nichols said

at 1:15 pm on Oct 14, 2019

The Division for Early Childhood Service Coordination Community of Practice sent this resource out a few weeks ago titled "It is How you are....Not just what you do" and I thought it aligned nicely with some of our discussion around self care. Here is the link if anyone wants to check it out: https://veipd.org/earlyintervention/2017/02/28/its-how-you-are-not-just-what-you-do/

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