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Tips and Suggestions

Page history last edited by Sarah Nichols 7 years, 2 months ago

Sometimes you have something you want to share but it doesn't quite fit anywhere else on this workspace.  This is an open page for CFC SC Trainer Forum members to share tips and suggestions openly about everything and anything they want to share with the group as it relates to preparing and supporting new and existing service coordinators.  Members can add text to this page, upload documents/presentations and link them to this page, share modified activities and service coordination preparation materials as they are developed and provide general tips and/or suggestions about things based on lessons they have learned over time.  


Click "edit" and add to add to this page.  Please remember to include your name and date when you post something and always start at the top of the page so information is posted in reverse chronological order.  Then remember to click "save" when finished.  If you need technical support with your post please visit our Need Technical Assistance page.


Tips & Suggestions








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